Success at university taught me how to compete to be the best — It also taught me the hidden cost you must pay for it

In 2014 I achieved the best overall grades in exams in an ultra-competitive masters programme at Cambridge University, arguably the best university in the world. This experience has taught me many things I’m grateful for, including how to succeed in a demanding academic environment. It took me a while to realise the price I was paying for it.

Aiming to study at Cambridge is perhaps the result of growing up following Isaac Newton as a role model. Newton is regarded as one of the brightest minds in history, possibly even outshining Einstein. …

Our main competitor is Microsoft, but we are very smart, so I’m sure our product will win. Famous last words.

Are you starting a business? Have you chosen a market? Do you know who your competitors are?

When we started our first business in 2014 our main competitor was a company making £268 MILLION a year. By comparison, we were two youngsters making just enough to survive.

It didn’t work out.

If you want to start a software business one day, or have an idea for a product, I dare say you should check your market before investing any resources…

Do you want to create a startup but are lacking an idea? Have you noticed a trend but don’t know how to capitalize on it? Maybe you wonder why are so many new billion-dollar tech companies popping up every year?

I’m an experienced self-funded software entrepreneur and today I’d like to share my thoughts on riding the wave/hype-train, i.e. how to jump into a new trend, and what are the advantages/disadvantages of this approach.

If you want to create a startup one day, this market research technique could be of value to you. …

Originally published at on January 27, 2021.

Have you ever seen the owner of a kebab joint slap a massive, buzzing wasp with his bare hand directly into the grill whilst you pitch your new startup to him? If this also happens to you, your business idea is not good.

Many gurus online will tell you how to achieve success. I’m the opposite. Today I will instruct you on the noble art of achieving failure when creating a new software startup.

That’s right. Want to know a secret (it’s all about secrets today)? If you want to ensure your…

Originally published at my personal blog on January 22, 2021.

planting a startup seed for the future
planting a startup seed for the future

When talking about in the startup world, most people (except people in companies that make food for birds) refer to getting seed money. That is, an initial investment to pursue a business idea.

Today, I am planting a seed for my future startup, but I am using the word with a different meaning. I am planting a seed for this blog. I hope the blog will grow to be a tree that bears fruit a few years down the line.

But first, why should you read on? what can…

How two partners quit their jobs in London, failed their first startup, learned from it, and found real success

It would seem nowadays every startup success story involves raising funding. The story usually follows a hero, facing slim odds, convincing the world about his crazy dream, getting millions in funding, and triumphing in the end.

Our story is different. We have not taken any huge risks, neither changed the world. That said, we have engineered our dream job via a small online business. Here is how we have done it, and how maybe you can do it, too.

Step 0: Decide what you want. What does your small business look like?

Before learning how to do anything, you should ask yourself “if” you want to do it at all. …

How we tend to optimise micro-financial decisions, but often fail to get the upper hand in the big deals of life.

A £2.79 Big Mac vs two £0.99 Cheese Burgers. Which one is a better deal?

Do you know of someone who is always trying to get the best deal at McDonald’s? A person that wants to choose the combination of items that will result in the highest quantity of food for the lowest price.

Do you know of someone who brings plastic bags from home to the supermarket to save a few pennies and help the environment?

Do you know of someone that vigorously insists on closing the tap in the bathroom sink whilst brushing teeth in order to save water?

The above are some of the many examples of how we tend to optimise…

Life is a great gift, however it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Sometimes we have noble and great dreams, but the path to fulfil them is not clear. What to do when you don’t know what to do?

Luckily, we are not alone. Others have come before us, often leaving their wisdom as a legacy. Wether you want to start your own business, or solve a difficult personal problem, many have likely undertaken your quest before.

I’ve put together 14 of the most inspirational speeches I’ve ever seen. The topics cover following your dreams, overcoming failure, and triumphing over…

How the internet and statistics taught me self-confidence, to step out of my comfort zone, and to not be afraid of rejection.

“Happy yellow smile in the crowd of sad” — found on

There was a time were I was so scared of rejection I wouldn’t even try. I was simply terrified about hearing no from another person.

My fear of rejection would extend to facing interviews, dating girls, or publishing content online. Any situation where others would judge me was scary. I would take rejection personally, resulting in demotivation and anger.

I was successful in many areas of life. Yet still, my fear of people not being liked would prevent me to be my best. My self-confidence depended on others.

Many people have the same problem I had. What can we do?

How creative thinking can improve your life — Going with the crowd vs thinking on your own illustrated with simple examples.

If you are reading this it’s safe to assume you’ve seen milk before. It’s a great substance, nutritious and tasty. But, are you able to pour it into a glass without splashing it all over the place? Neither could I until recently.

Humanity has accomplished a multitude of ambitious endeavors through history. We have traveled to the Moon, created the Internet, produced as many Star Wars movies as galaxies are in the universe… But one thing we still can’t do comfortably is to transfer milk from a carton to a glass.

Most people pour milk wrong! …

Diego Oliveira Sánchez

Co-founder of, a practice management software solution for nutritionists and dietitians.

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